Cell Phone Bills a Headache? Safelink Wireless Free Cell Phone Service the Best Pill

July 21st, 2014

The Lifeline Assistance Program started by the government has indeed been a boon to people recovering from the recent recession, when hefty cell phone bills became an irritable yet unavoidable burden on the routine expenses. The program was launched specifically to ensure all the people in need had a home phone with bills that can be considered negligible when it comes to their expenses.

The Lifeline Assistance Program covers both landlines and cell phones, with the people eligible to avail the benefits of the program allowed either one of the two services on offer. With the cell phone plan including free call minutes and messages provided by one of the largest cell phone providers, Safelink Wireless, more and more people have been preferring the free cell phone plans to the landlines.

It is imperative to note that you cannot avail the benefits of the Lifeline Assistance Program unless you are not qualified for the same, which depends majorly on the location of your residence as each state has its own set of requirements for a person to be eligible for the program. The qualification criteria is relatively simplified if you have already participated or enrolled in any public assistance program or if your gross monthly household income is low enough. You may choose to apply for the program online or by the traditional means, and can be rest assured as the service is absolutely free and there is no contract signing involved. Once your qualification criterion is met, it is pretty easy and quick to start with the service. It should also be noted that the service is limited to only one person per household and is non-transferable.

Eligible applicants of the Lifeline service who choose the Safelink Wireless Free Cell phone Program are generally (benefits may slightly vary with different states) offered a free new cell phone, with 250 cell phone minutes and 1000 text messages every month, absolutely free of charge. If you have exhausted your free monthly quota of 250 minutes or 1000 messages, there are several values for money add-on plans available. Other features that are included in the Safelink Wireless Free Cell Phone service are Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, unused minutes carry-over, free international long distance and many more, depending on the kind of plan you select. The details of the various plans on offer and costs of the additional plans can be checked on their website.

Currently, there are 38 states where a free Safelink Wireless cell phone service is offered, with the network expanding all the time. The states where the service is available for free are Alabama, Connecticut, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Delaware, Iowa, New Mexico, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Utah, Texas, Washington, Virginia, Wisconsin and West Virginia. If you reside in one of the states mentioned and are eligible for the Lifeline Assistance Program, you have a host of free cell phone service provider companies to choose from, but you need to make sure the company is a bonafide Lifeline service provider before participating in their free cell phone program.

Wireless for Hope Scam or not?

May 15th, 2014

The Federal Lifeline Program was initiated to serve the disadvantaged people of few US states to fail to afford telecommunication service due to high tariff rates charged. Under this scheme, several phone services providing companies collaborated themselves and provided these people with free cell phones for free or low rates. Wireless for Hope, being under the Federal Lifeline Scheme, ensures that the people can utilize most of the benefits from their service. Of course, Wireless for Hope is genuinely a sign of hope for the poor families.

How do they assist the users?

Sometimes, for economically retarded families, using a telecommunication service is something more than a dream comes true. Wireless for Hope makes their dreams true. They provide its users one of the best phone services that too for free of cost. The users are all from the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Maryland, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana, Nevada, Wet Virginia and Puerto Rico. The poor people who are their users are provided with a free cell phone. Every month they are provided with a package of services including free talk time minutes and free text messages.

Type of their services

Each cell phone bears all the similar features which other local cell phones have. Users can order for better models, but a less amount of money is charged on it. At 100 minutes of free talk time are given to the users each month. Even if the total minutes do not get fully utilized, the remaining minutes get rolled over and added to the next month free minutes. Even if the free minutes get over, users can order for more free 35 minutes at low charge of only $5. Other privileges like international calls, long distance calls are allowed for the users and no roaming charges are forced.

How to get access to the facilities?

Firstly, the wireless for Hope covers some of the states of US. Therefore, users who wish to enroll themselves needs to be a permanent resident of those states. The monthly income of those families should be less than or equal to 135% of the federal poverty margin. Moreover, there should be a proof of them takes the advantages of any lifeline assistance program like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid, food Stamps, National Free Lunch Program and any other tribal assistance program.

Is it a scam or hope?

Wireless for Hope believes in customer satisfaction. It has millions of users all over those states. It provides one of the reliable and user-friendly services than any other companies. Subsidies are given and moreover, several new plans are also add to it. Users can jump from one scheme to another at any time. It has brought indeed a hope for the poor families to let them ensure this service. Wireless For hope can never be a scam as it has proved itself as one of the best services for its users. It has given all those privileges that were promised. Practicing a transparent service is the key factor proving their honesty!

FreedomPop Now Offers Free Cell Phones

May 11th, 2014

It is a known fact that after recession, it has been tough for many families to maintain the basic standard of living. For these families, maintaining a cell phone is a luxury. But a cell phone is important not only to be in contact with your aged parents and kids when you are away for work, but also to get the interview calls; employers always prefer candidates who are easy to reach. Last but not the least; it is an urgent need in case of exigencies. In order to make life convenient for its citizens, the government has come up with the Lifeline service, also known as the free cell phone service.

What is FreedomPop?

Few telecom service providers have been authorised by the government to provide free cell phone service to the users. One such service provider is the FreedomPop.

The unique feature of this company is that it provides you with a smartphone instead of just a cell phone at just 99 dollars. You will get the HTC EVO advanced handset from the company. If you have a smartphone of your own, you can use this service on that as well. More smartphones are getting added to the list and will be available very soon.

The next unique feature of FreedomPop is that it does not use normal telecom networks and wired technology, it operates on VoIP, that is, Voice over Internet Protocol.

Last but not the least, you can access internet on your cell phone with FreedomPop.

What does FreedomPop offer?

The basic offers that you get with this telecommunication service provider are:

  • 200 minutes free talk time every month.
  • 500 free text messages every month.
  • 500 MB free data every month.

The data is available at 4G speed. If you are on roaming, you get 3G speed. If this offer is not enough for you, you can avail two other plans, which are paid.

  • The 7.99 dollars plan offers you with 500 minutes talk time, unlimited free text messages and 500 MB 4G data.
  • The 10.99 dollars plan provides you with unlimited free talk time, unlimited free text messages and 500 MB 4G data.

You have unlimited talk time and text messaging free with the other FreedomPop subscribers with all these three plans.

Additional features

This cellular service provider also provides you with the services of

  • Caller ID with which you get the number details from which you have received the call.
  • The call waiting functionality from which you can understand who the other person is calling you, when you are busy on another call.
  • The voice mail service with which you can keep a message to the person whom you have called, in case he or she is unable to receive your call.

While the other Lifeline service providers offer you with free service only if you are eligible for the service, FreedomPop services are for everyone. Hence, with this service provider, you are not away from enjoying the high speed 4G internet along with the normal calling and texting facilities.

Which Company is the Most Popular Free Cell Phone Provider?

May 8th, 2014

 The invention of cell phone is of great use to people in the modern world. It is a necessity that helps families and business associates to get connected with each other anytime and through facilities like phone calls, messaging and email. There are many cell phones accessible these days with advanced features and that are useful in storing important data and even to click high-quality images through its competent camera system. There are many companies around the world that provide government cell phones for the benefit people of low income. These cell phones help them in their work and stay connected with their family.

Popular Cell Phone Vendors

The main three government cell phone vendors that are popular, and that are anticipated to provide communication means to people with low income are Assurance Wireless, Safelink Wireless and Reachout Wireless. The SafeLink Wireless has gained popularity over other vendors and is known to have more subscribers over others.

Process to get Government Cell Phone:

There are many national companies that are ready to offer government cell phones to needy people. The process to getting a cell phone from the government is very simple. First and foremost you need to look into the list of companies that provide this Lifeline assistance for free inclusive of services. It is after this you need to click the links of your state to get more information of the companies, their strategy and how to get in touch with them. After narrowing down the requirements of the company, you can enroll for the cell phone of the company that would be useful for communication purposes.

Main Companies that Provide Lifeline Assistance

ReachOut Wireless Phones: The lifeline services provided by this cell phone is accessible in states like New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona, Kansas, Texas, and Rhode Island. It is backed by the Nexus communication and provides lifeline programs like complete featured cell phone with services like voice mail, caller ID and 250 minutes talk time free. Internet facilities can be accessed on these phones though they are not android phones, and just a basic phone.

Assurance Wireless: The cell phone provided by these companies can be used for a year with facilities like free texting and talk time every month. These cell phones are accessible only in 32 states, and proof of your financial situation and the permanent address is required to attain this cell phone. It provides an opportunity for individuals with low income to lead a better life.

Safelink Wireless: This cell phone group is the largest and Tracfone backs it. It is a life saver for many individuals. It is beneficial in covering affairs like scheduling doctor’s appointment, contact with family members and services that provide a household abuse violent behavior line in case of any urgent situation of domestic abuse.

Among all these companies the undisputed winner that has lots of subscribers is the Safelink wireless company. The assurance wireless has been in this business a little later than Safelink wireless and is slowly picking up and trying to provide best facilities to the individuals. But the data vary from time to time, and so it is not easy to decide which wireless company is more popular than the other.